Panelist Discussion – Journey to Becoming FIREd (July 1st)


Panelist Discussion - Journey to Becoming FIREd (July 1st)


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Join us for an afternoon of fun and informative panel discussion with four FIRE experts who have achieved Financial Independence and Retired Early (FIRE). Hear their stories, learn from their experiences, and gain valuable advice for reaching similar goals. The panelists come from diverse backgrounds and will share their strategies for success through real estate, business, and equity markets.

Get insights into their mindset and the secrets to retiring 10 years ahead of schedule. After the panel, engage in Q&A to maximize your learning, then network and connect with fellow FIRE enthusiasts and the panelists over finger food & social drinks. You never know, you may find your next accountability partner or mentor to speed up your FIRE journey.

All profit will go towards charity nominated by the panelist and be announced on the day of event.

LocationTemple Brewing Co
Address – 122 Weston St, Brunswick East VIC 3057
Date – Saturday 1st of July
 – 1pm ~ 5pm
Cost – $100/pp


Discussion Topics:

  • Forewords & housekeeping
  • Introduction to the Panelists
  • Definition of FIRE plus variants of FIRE
  • FIRE journey of each panelists
    • Why do you want to achieve FIRE?
    • Who had the most influence to your FIRE journey?
    • When did you achieve your FI?
    • What made you pull the trigger on RE?
    • Where do you your efforts & attention on now?
    • How would you have done it differently if given another chance?
  • Outlook of the future
    • Economics (Australia & Internationally)
    • Investment opportunities & methodologies
  • Q&A with participants
    • Opinions on certain topics
    • Direct Q&A



Marisa Wiman

MarisaBorn in Switzerland and moved to Australia 32 years ago.

Marisa grew up in a farm and landed in Australia where through lots of education, mistakes and lessons managed to retire at age 42 (FIRED) BUT chose to continue to invest time in learning and creating systems in the outsourcing business that allowed her full FAT FIRED at age 50.

She is passionate about creating passive income (predominantly from properties) and living a sustainable life at what she calls ‘the farm’ in Kingaroy Queensland.

She also spends time helping businesses as a volunteer, mentoring, guiding and sharing how to create a Freedom Business.  Her motto is:  “if a man can do it, I can do it too”



Kel Davis

Kel is a serial entrepreneur and property investor that reached financial freedom at the age of 50. He then continued to invest until FAT FIRED at 57.

He now manages the family office (groups investments) when he is not out on the sustainable lifestyle farm, surfing at the sunshine coast, motorcycle touring or simply living life.

Kel shared their journey in three self-published books, explaining how to reach financial freedom using the Australian rules. Sustainable experience includes going off the power grid, with EV’s for transport, plus food and own water supply.

As a volunteer Queensland government business mentor plus senior mentor for business training, Kel constantly gives back by sharing his macroeconomic updates and business opportunities.



David Markus

David founded an IT services company that consistently secured a place on the esteemed BRW Fast 100 list for multiple consecutive years. In 2019, he successfully sold the company, attaining FAT FIRE status at the age of 51. Now, as a devoted husband and father of two young men, David relishes the unconditional joy of spending quality time with his beloved family while indulging in his passions for flying and skiing across the globe.

During his leisure hours, David generously volunteers for Angel Flight Australia, dedicating his time to assist families from rural areas in accessing specialised medical treatment. Currently, David serves as a non-executive director and business mentor for enterprises that possess the potential to make a positive impact on the world. With his experience in commercial property investing and economics, he brings valuable expertise to the table.

David’s mindset revolves around prioritising “budgeting the luxuries first,” and he takes immense pleasure in sharing the insights of this approach with others.



Owen Kelly Acedilla

Owen started his career as a software developer in Accenture Philippines more than two decades ago and worked his way up the corporate ladder. In 2011, he married long-time friend based in Melbourne, and made life changing decision to migrate to Australia. In 2013, the union blessed them with a son with special needs, who is Owen’s inspiration to seek alternatives to corporate life. After multiple life hurdles, Owen started learning trading equities, forex, and derivatives in 2014. In 2019, after achieving repeatable and scalable success in equity trading and investing, Owen decided to pull the trigger on FIRE.

Nowadays, Owen immerses himself in studying world economics and broadening his understanding of global financial dynamics. With heaps of free time, he has helped friends learn to trade/invest in financial markets, honed espresso preparation skills, and relished listening to high resolution music.



Wally Chiang

Made in Taiwan, assembled in Australia, Wally fell into the common Asian misconception of equating good grades with success, resulting in him amassing more degrees than one cares to count. After gaining experience in the corporate IT sector, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing his own digital marketing agency.

Having dedicated close to 10,000 hours to studying macroeconomics and geopolitics over the last six years or so, his current focus centres on wealth preservation and self-sufficiency. This involves diversifying into precious metals and cryptocurrency, alongside acquiring a 600+ acre hobby farm to learn new skills such as hunting, bushcraft, and permaculture.

With a disciplined approach to saving, investing in real estate during the booming years, and putting his business under management, Wally achieved FIRE at the age of 40. This grants him the freedom to devote his time to his family, particularly imparting his knowledge to his two young children. Moreover, Wally runs courses on his farm, catering to those embarking on their own journey towards self-sufficiency.

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