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The team at Naturally Sufficient is made up of many experts in their field of expertise.


Wally Chiang

The Founder

Wally came from the IT world, from corporate to owning own digital marketing business. Wanting to get in touch with nature and self sufficiency, he started his journey late in his life at 40.

Since then, he has retired from the business world and purchased a 600+ acre farm to start ‘Naturally Sufficient’ farm to accelerate his learning by partnering with experts of their respective fields, to teach and bring others along with the journey of self sufficiency.


Peter Christian

The Deer Expert
Peter have been hunting & fishing for as long as he can remember. With over 90+ years family history in hunting, Peter shot his first deer at the age of 13. He also worked in the forestry industry for majority of his working life (hence his split personality and cracking sense of humour). Peter spend every minute possible in the bush hunting & fishing. Now semi-retired, he enjoys spending his time teaching and helping people learn about hunting, which is why he has been involved with the Australian Deer Association as an instructor for the last 32 years.
Pete Griffiths

Peter Griffiths

The Bowhunter

Peter is an avid bowhunter with more near death experience from dangerous game then you’d care to imagine, from wild dogs to raging buffalo, salt water crocodiles and box jellyfish…

Peter hunt with many types of weapons, but most preferably traditional spear and compound bow. He also runs IHuntDownunder with over a million followers on multiple social media channels, as well as the Bowhunter of the year with ABA.

Carolyn Gemmell

Carolyn Gemmell

Permaculture Designer

Permaculture designer and teacher for over a decade, Carolyn met and learnt the art of grafting from legend Neil Barraclough of Heritage & Rare Fruit Network over 8 years ago. Carolyn also studied under Geoff Lawton from the Permaculture Research Institute.

Having developed an Urban Permaculture Demonstration site on half an acre in Ararat, Carolyn is holding a collection of hundreds of rare and heritage apples, pear and nashi. Carolyn is the former president of Warrnambool community garden and the current president of Ararat community garden.

Carolyn loves sharing her knowledge and is passionate about sustainability, re-localisation and all things regenerative.

Reuben Patience

Reuben Patience

The Chef
Reuben has over 20 years experience in commercial cookery. Completing his Chef’s apprenticeship at the Portsea Hotel, he went on to specialize in Hotel style cooking and large volume catering for functions and events. With experience managing several different hospitality operations, Reuben took a step back up the supply chain in 2020 by moving to the Victorian Western District and becoming a sheep farmer. With a lifelong interest in hunting and being self sufficient in ones food supply, he now aims to share his practical skills and knowledge regarding hunting and wild game through Naturally Sufficient.

Alexander Sehring

The G.O.A.T

Alexander Sehring from The Wildfoodmeister is a highly experienced hunter with a passion for the outdoors and all things related to hunting, gathering, and foraging. With years of experience specialising in goats, spearfishing, and foraging, Alex has developed an in-depth knowledge of these subjects. He has always been eager to share his experiences with others, often taking friends and strangers on hunting and foraging trips.

After years of sharing his experiences with others, Alex decided to turn his hobby into a career by giving back through education. His depth of knowledge covers everything from hunting techniques, butchering, meat preparation, game cooking, beekeeping, knife sharpening, and much more. His passion for these subjects is truly contagious and has inspired countless people to explore the natural world around them.

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Naturally Sufficient is a small private farm which aims to educate people with skills to become more self sufficient.

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