Carbon Hunting Arrows (12 Pack)

Carbon Hunting Arrows (12 Pack)

SPECIAL OFFER: If you buy 2 packs (24 arrows), we will throw in another arrow for free and you’ll get express postage too!


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iHunt Downunder branded high quality pure carbon arrows that’s made for high velocity compound bows with durability and usabilities that will withstand any hunting conditions. These arrows has been tested vigorously and endorsed by Peter Griffiths (winner of the 2021 Australian Bowhunter Association bowhunter of the year as well as having the biggest buffalo on record – The arrows comes in a bundle of 12 in a pack.


  • 32″ pure carbon fibre shaft (to allow you to cut into any length)
  • 2″ bright orange/white blazer vane (easy to find out in the bush)
  • 300 flex (for high poundage bows)
  • 100 grain arrow tip
  • 0.003″ straightness (for consistent straight shooting at high velocity)
  • unglued/loose tip (so you can swap them out for broadheads easily)

Arrow Selection Guideline:
The picture below is a general guideline. Please have your bow professionally fitted for specific matching arrow shafts.


Additional information

Arrow Length / Spine

32" – 300

Pack Size

12, 24

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